What Does Modular Tent From EcoTent Has To Offer?

Planning a summer vacation is not possible for everyone due to the hectic routine. And, if someone is planning, they will try to make the best out of it. For instance, choosing a perfect location, getting the food, and more.

Similarly, selecting the right camping tent also makes a lot of difference. No one wants to snap the poles in the ground, live in cramped corners, and want to have a wet night. Well, fear not, because we have something for you.

Due to the popularity of nature vacations, a lot of outdoor tent companies are coming forward. One of those companies is EcoTent. EcoTent specializes in making outdoor camping tent.

In this blog, we are going to tell you what EcoTent is and why its modular polygonal hotel tent is getting a lot of attention.

EcoTent- Changing the future of outdoor camping

Back in the day, people used to pick up old school tents when going for a picnic. Honestly, those tents were very difficult to handle. You had to place the poles, attach strings, and lay the sheet on the frame. Due to that, no one preferred outdoor camping.

Realizing these difficulties, EcoTent came up with their modular tent. EcoTent is a one-stop-shop that provides services such as the design, production, and installation of these modular tents. The main reason people are preferring this company is that they provide solutions according to actual conditions. With the help of their own designers, they provide you with a camping tent that will redefine your camping experience.

The company has a lot of camp designs. One of those designs is Modular Polygonal Hotel Tent

Modular Polygonal Hotel Tent

A good camping tent requires a robust structure that should be able to withstand dangerous nature conditions. Well, that is exactly what this camping tent has to offer.

Stay Safe with Polygonal Tent Rugged Structure

The structure is made with Q235 Steel, providing you with ultimate protection. Due to the structure, it can withstand winds up to 120KM/H. Moreover, it has a fire rating of DIN4102 B1/SGS M2. In simple words, you can have a secure camping experience, without needing to worry about an accidental hazard.

Enjoy the nature with Modular Hotel Tent

Whenever we are selecting an outdoor tent, we prefer the one that has open windows so that we can enjoy the trees moving and birds flying. With this tent, you can get that feeling. This is because the company offers a glass wall with this tent. And, if you are not a fan of someone/something disturbing your privacy, you can go for the canvass wall.

Get into Luxury with Modular Tent

The sound of nature while having a luxury experience completes the overall essence of a vacation. EcoTent is offering an opportunity to get that experience. The roof and ceiling of the modular tent are made with PVDF Fabric and PVC Canvas. These two materials give a sense of luxury. Plus, the WPC Floor/SPC Floor doubles that experience.

The modular tent comes with a lot of space area, making it perfect for seasonal guests. Since it is a hexagonal structure, it becomes very easy to install and disassemble the camping tent. Overall, the modular tent provides ultimate protection and an adventurous camp experience.