Types of Magnetic Cable Connectors & Their Advantages

Magnetic cable connectors are used to make sure that your cables don’t get tangled. They allow you to quickly and easily attach and detach your cables from one another.

These magnetic connectors are available in many different styles and sizes to fit any application that you may have. They can be used with both power cords, as well as audio/video cables available in various market avenues. You can go now and check on connector cables official website for the same.

There are two basic types of magnetic cable connectors:

Panel Mount Magnetic Cable Connectors

Panel mount magnetic connectors are used for applications where space is limited. These connectors can be mounted directly on a panel or junction box without the need for any additional hardware. This makes them extremely versatile and ideal for any application where space is limited, such as under a cabinet or inside an electrical box.


  • Easy installation: Panel mount connectors make it easy to connect wires and cables quickly with no soldering required. Just strip the wire or cable insulation, insert the bare wire into the connector and tighten down the screw or bolt to secure it in place. A number of different sizes are available for different types of wires or cables.
  • Secure connections: The screws or bolts used with panel mount connectors ensure that once they’re tightened down there’s no chance that your connections will come loose or fall out during use. This is especially important in situations where vibrations from heavy equipment might cause cables or wires to work themselves out of connections over time if they weren’t secure enough.
  • Flexible: Panel mount connectors are available in a wide range of styles so you can find one that fits whatever application you’re working on without having to worry about finding an equivalent part at another store or website.

Cable Mount Magnetic Cable Connectors

Cable mount magnetic connectors are designed to be attached to a cable using self-clinching cable ties and then installed in an electrical enclosure or junction box. These types of connectors are commonly used in electrical panels, home theatres and other residential applications.


  • Easy to use – The connectors are easy to use because they do not require any special tools or skills. These connectors can be installed by anyone, no matter whether they have experience or not.
  • Long lasting – The cable mount magnetic connectors are made from high quality materials which make them durable and long lasting. They can last for years without any problems withstanding rough handling and daily use without breaking down easily even when exposed to extreme temperatures like hot sun rays or cold winter nights.
  • Cost effective – These connectors are cost effective because they can be used repeatedly without any damage caused by using them for a long time. You will not have to spend money on purchasing new connectors every time you want to install new wires or cables in your devices or machines.


Magnetic connectors and cable assemblies are used for a variety of applications including cord reels, generator connections and electronic connections. They offer secure connections, ease of installation and minimal downtime. These magnetic connectors are lighter than standard connectors. They are also fully shielded as they use magnetic technology as opposed to electronic. This makes them ideal for transferring data in a tough, oily and wet environment.