There are some features of LED Panel 600×600 you should know

LED Panels have become a popular lighting source. This is due to their efficiency and decorative appeal.

One of the most common is the LED panel 600×600. The panel is square-shaped and you can use it to light the home, school, business premises, hospital and other premises.

Here is what LED panel 600×600 is all about.

Highly efficient

LED panels are highly efficient and so is LED panel 600×600. Not only do they produce a lot of light, but they use less energy. Also, they waste very little energy as heat at only 5 percent.

Lumens per Watt are used to show efficiency. In this case, the LED panel 600×600 has an efficiency of 100lm/w, 120lm/w, 135lm/w, and 150lm/w.

If you compare with florescent lighting, the panels are way better. Fluorescents waste 40percent of the energy as light leakage. Their efficiency is also at 50lm/w. This means that the LED panels are way better than the florescent lighting given their efficiency.

Have Wider Uses

The LED panel 600×600 is versatile. It can be used at home, in business, hospitals, schools and other premises. This is due to their varying color temperatures that are suitable for different environments.

Options are 3000k, 4000k, 5000k and 6000k. Panels of 3000k are suitable for hospitals and nursing homes. 4000k panels are best used at home while 5000k is best used in garages and basements while 6000k is suitable for offices, businesses, and schools.  

Has Diverse Features

If you are looking for lighting that will give you options, then LED panel 600×600 it is.

It has dimmable options that include 0-10, DALI and Traic. It is, therefore, suitable if you want lights that can be dimmed for different effects such as at home or hall.

The panels also come with an emergency option. It is important to install emergency panels that can come in handy when there is a power failure or power cuts. You can install these in important areas such as emergency exits. LED panel 600×600 has emergency panels that can provide lighting for 60, 90 and 180 minutes.

High Quality

Do you know LED panel 600×600 can last 15 years?

That’s because it is made using high-quality materials and a strong engineering process. It is made using aluminum and PMMA.

The panels are also rust-proof, dustproof, and moisture-proof, which makes them resistant to damage by air moisture and dust. As such they can be used in any place may it be in the bathroom, kitchen or outside.


LED panels are considered nontoxic and can be disposed of in regular landfills.

The same cannot be said about florescent lights since they contain mercury, a harmful substance. These have to be disposed of as hazardous waste. In case a bulb or tube breaks, you are required to wear protective clothing, gloves and mask when cleaning up. You should then dispose of them including the broom as hazardous waste to prevent Mercury contamination.

The LED panels do not require all this trouble to dispose of.

Improves Aesthetics

Other than lighting, LED panel 600×600 also help in improving the decor of your premises. For instance, you could match the panels with the floor tiles.

Besides, they make the home, business or office look great and professional. The panels can transform how your premises look and improve the decor. What’s important is to ensure the panels blend with the premise’s decor.

Luckily, the panels come in different color temperatures and you can choose the one that suits your kind of premises may it be home, business, school or hospital.