Incredible Features of Caliburn A2

Vaping has gained the community’s attention due to its promising comfort and safety. These e-liquid devices are significantly more eco-friendly than traditional tobacco products and less harmful for users.

Moreover, they help you get your kick with style and ease. Vaping devices have evolved. First, there were the pen-shaped vapes, and then there were pods with bulky liquid storing tanks.

However, nowadays, impeccably compact and stylish devices are ruling the market. One such high-class product is called Caliburn A2 from UWELL. Since it has locked horns with several other leading brand pods, let’s see what makes it worthy!

Amazing Features of Caliburn A2 That You’ll Love

Exciting Colors

A boring vape pod ruins the taste of the draw as well. However, Caliburn A2 guarantees style. It is available in nine artistic colors. Although all of them are great, the gold-black (limited edition), iris purple, and arctic silver have a hypnotizing appearance.

Battery And Charging Port

Caliburn A2 features a bigger battery of 520 mAh and a Type C charging port that provides quick charging. You can charge it in your car or using your phone’s charger and it will charge 95% battery in only 35 minutes. However, to preserve the efficiency of the pod, it is recommended to have a dedicated charger.

Supports Two Types of Draws

The A2 supports two kinds of draws: the button draw and the direct draw. It means you can draw the vape without pressing the button, and the pod will provide the liquid. In comparison, the button draw is best when you want a larger draw because you can press and release the button according to your choice.

Filling And Vape Window

Although many pods nowadays feature the top filling, they don’t have Caliburn’s convenience. The top comes off quickly without jerking or pulling, and you can fill in the e-liquid with a dropper.

A wide transparent liquid window shows the level of liquid in the pod. You can fill it up to the desired level. However, don’t overfill it.

Comfortable And Secure Design

The pod’s exterior is sleek and features strong ergonomics for enhanced grip. The roomy cartridge with a liquid capacity of 2 ml attaches to the pod’s body by magnetic suction. Hence, eliminating the fear of losing or leaking.

The lip-fitting design helps you take your kick in public without drawing too much attention. Lastly, the button is aligned with the body to prevent accidental triggers.

Caliburn A2 has a durable aluminum body and features a sturdy PA cartridge that is leak and scratch resistant. The product comes with two durable cartridges, a pod system, a manual, and a packing box.

Wrap Up

Vaping is not just a one-time game; it’s like a lifeline. Therefore, vapers are very picky about their vaping devices. Although the preference varies from user to user, a broad community is currently hailing the Caliburn A2 from UWELL.

The above article provides an insight into its incredible features. If you are looking for a robust, stylish, and versatile pod system, the A2 is your go-to, as it definitely adds to your classy look.