How To Distinguish Between A Commercial And Home Pressure Washer

Aside from the common benefits of the pressure washer, it’s important to know that pressure washing is also a form of income generator. There are pressure washing companies that employ professionals and make them available for hiring to clean your house, car, truck, farm, or any other surface that you need to be clean.

When you employ their services, you never have to worry about sustaining an injury while cleaning because you do not have to do any cleaning, and you don’t even have to worry about getting your pressure washer. These professionals do not use the standard pressure washer; they use more sophisticated and improved ones for their washing business. How do you differentiate between a commercial and home pressure washer in a store? We will be looking at the differences between these two by discussing their similar features and differences.

Differences Between A Commercial And Home Pressure Washer

  • Power Levels:Naturally, commercial pressure washers tend to give higher pressure than regular residential pressure washers. While you could find a simple electric with a pressure range of 1300-2000 psi for residential purposes, you could find either a gas pressure washer or an electric one within the range of 3200-8000 psi for industrial purposes. This type of pressure is powerful enough for paint cleanings, construction cleaning jobs, and surface preparation. It is essential always to check the power level to identify the pressure washer that best suits your needs.
  • Durability:Commercial pressure washers are built to stand the test of time way longer than a residential pressure washer ever can. You would notice that most industrial pressure washer hoses are in cases in steel, making them impervious to heat and corrosion, and that’s one of the reasons why they cost a lot more. They do not make unnecessary noise and are quieter than normal washers. Some even come with oil level indicators.
  • Hose Length:Hose length is an essential feature that everyone should consider when buying a pressure washer, and there are wide variations of hose lengths you could choose from for residential homes. However, if you want to identify a commercial pressure washer by hose length, you can ask for a pressure washer with a hose length above 300 feet.
  • Temperature Of Water:Unlike residential pressure washer that uses cold water to clean off dirt, commercial pressure washer comes with different compartments that enable them to spray either cold or hot water depending on the toughness of the dirt and stain.
  • Output Level:The weak engine of the residential pressure washer only allows you to clean 1000sq ft to 4000sq all within one cycle before burning out. The commercial pressure washer on the other end allows you to be able to clean a wide area of almost 30,000sq feet in one cycle without any traces of the machine burning out.


Pressure washers have become a must-have machine in every home now, and it is imperative that we are familiar with the types there are to be able to purchase the ones that suit the purpose we intend to use them.