Experience Complete Sanitization With Spray Sanitization Robot

Sanitization is the key to a healthy and safe environment. The presence of bacteria’s and viruses are common both on surfaces and in the air. It is essential to keep their level minimal in the air and on the ground as per health standards and requirements. Sanitization can help in this regard. It plays a great role in reducing or eliminating germs from a particular surface.

Carrying out the sanitization in a more appropriate way is only possible using the spray sanitization robot. It is a robot that operates or carries out a disinfection duty based on your command. Fully loaded features allow you to achieve a precise sanitization operation.

The high-quality sensors detect the presence of any obstacle or even a pedestrian. This will prevent you from facing economic losses as well as accidents. The applications of this robot are very wide, including in orphanages, banks, custom ports, libraries, super stores, logistics etc.

Want to know what benefits it can offer you compared to traditional sanitization or disinfection devices? Let’s dig in deeper!

Benefits of Spray Sanitization Robot

The main benefits that you can get with a spray sanitization robot are:

Remote Assigning of Tasks

You don’t need to go close to your spray sanitization robot to assign tasks. You can do it remotely. After purchasing the robot, you will get the software along with it. This software you can use from anywhere you want. It works just with the help of the internet around the globe. You can set the time of sanitization operation and the type of sanitization/ disinfection. It would help if you had a mobile, laptop, or desktop with a strong internet connection to do this.

Controllable Atomization

This allows you to control the amount and volume of atomization. You can enjoy complete control over the size of the droplets. You can change it to anywhere from 2 micrometers to 5 micrometers. An option exists to adjust the disinfectant’s volume from 800 ml per hr. to 3000 ml per hr. Depending on the microorganism’s severity or disinfection criteria, you can tweak the setting per your needs.

Android Operating System

The device features an android operating system. This means you can control your spray sanitization robot even with a mobile. It also enables the automatic update process. The version of android it supports is 5.1. This android system allows you to enjoy a couple of features.

Controllable Speed

You can operate the robot at any speed you want. It offers faster to lower speed compatibility. The cruising speed generally ranges from 0.1 meters per second to 1 meter per second. If the traffic is large or more people exist in a particular place. You can tweak the speed accordingly. The high-speed function does not impact the device’s effectiveness, even in high-traffic areas. It will not collide or get damaged by obstacles or walking by.

Apart from the above features, there still are a variety of features that you can enjoy. Visit the Reeman disinfection series to get familiar.