Best Wigs Buying Guide

In the advanced era where everything is constantly upgrading to the best possible alternative, wigs are also upgrading. There was once a time when people used fake hair wigs. But in today’s world, wigs are so much upgraded that they give natural hair looks. By this time, no one will be able to know if you have a wig on.

The 613 hd lace wig is the most recent advancement in the wig world, giving you the most comfortable and high-definition natural look. But investing in wigs can be a hard nut to crack! There are various factors to remember while buying a wig that perfectly fits you. To buy the PERFECT wig, you’ll need to keep the following points in mind!

Lace type

The first step is to remember which type of lace you prefer. The lace type defines your wig the most. You’ll find two types of laces while searching for a wig: traditional lace and HD lace. Both the laces quite differ much from each other.

The HD lace is the most comfortable to wear and gives you the most natural look compared to traditional lace. Whereas traditional or conventional laces are also comfortable, they can’t beat HD laces. Now that you’ve learned the difference, you’ll be able to choose the suitable one.

Cap Size

Once you’ve selected the lace type, the second mandatory step is to measure and find the correct cap size. The cap sizes are available in a couple of sizes, but the most preferred are 13×6 and 13×4.

13×4 is a not-to-much parting cap and allows you to part a long deep, and natural look. On the other hand, 13×6 is a lace front cap providing the deep parting option. This deep parting feature allows you to part hairs according to the need.

Wig Size

As per the perfect wig need, wig size is also a crucial yet important part of wig hunting. If you buy the wrong wig size, your wig will either hurt your head because of tightness or slip off your head without any warning! So, now you must know that the right wig size can save you from many disasters.

You’ll have to measure your head and act accordingly to get the perfect wig size. A perfect wig size will enhance your features and give you that pretty look you want!

Texture and Color!

Now the texture and colour part is totally up to you if you want to opt for highlighted strands, blonde, brunette or any other colour. Or even if you want to go straight or wavy. Regarding colour or texture, wigs are available in tons of options. And it is totally up to you what you want to go with.

Bottom Line

Now that you’ve invested in a wig, you’ll have to take safety precautions to make it run a long way. Your natural hair gets benefits from natural oil, but your wigs don’t get it. So, it’s up to you to take care of it, or you’ll end up with a damaged wig. An advice is to trim the split ends of the wigs to let that bouncy and shiny look stay!